Cleyyo 6735 X

Cleyyo 6735 X

Your Dual SIM card and affordable 4G smartphone
Cleyyo Smartphone 6735 X

An affordable 4G phone

The Cleyyo 6735x is a Dual SIM card and very affordable 4G phone supporting speeds up to 150Mbps.

Cleyyo Smartphone 6735 X


64-bit quad-core advanced architecture

The Cleyyo 6735x has a 64-bit quad-core advanced architecture making it 20% faster than normal 32-bit octa-core processor whilst using 30% less power consumption.

Cleyyo Smartphone 6735 X

HD Display

The 1280x720 resolution, 5.0” HD display together with the OGS full lamination technology provides a more transparent, fresh and clearer visual experience.

The Cleyyo 6735x is you best mobile companion that will allow you to take the most beautiful pictures thanks to its advanced camera technology

5MP front and 13.0MP rear Sony camera with ultra-high resolution of 1,800 lines, Blue glass filter and F2.2 large aperture. High-speed continuous shooting of up to 99 photos.

Cleyyo Smartphone 6735X
Cleyyo Smartphone 6735x

Features at a glance

Cleyyo 6735X Smartphone Processor

Quad Core processor, 2G RAM and 16G ROM

Cleyyo 6735X Smartphone   Capacitive Touch
Capacitive Touch

Capacitive Touch Panel

Cleyyo 6735X Smartphone Battery

Battery 3,000 MAH

Cleyyo 6735X Smartphone Gravity, Proximity and Light Sensor

Gravity, Proximity and Light Sensor

Cleyyo 6735X Smartphone Other Features

Android 5.1, SmartGesture, Multi-Touch, GPS, Blutooth 4.0, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n

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